Labor lawyer the most chosen specialty

The figure of the labor lawyer can be said to be quite new, and this is perhaps the reason why it is considered one of the most important professions of our time. When companies began to consolidate, and from what we all know as the industrial revolution, agreements were not always respected, nor did there exist any type of law or set of laws that could protect the rights of each party.

Over time, over the years, it became more evident the need for nations to create a series of laws that could guarantee the fulfillment of duties and rights for both workers.

Currently there are multiple situations that give rise to a series of problems between the company and the worker, which as a result many of them end in legal litigation. This aspect of legality has made it essential to have a lawyer on the payroll to help carry all the problems or problems associated with money, hiring and lawsuits.

However, it cannot be any type of lawyer, it must be one that is good enough and capable to deal with labor issues appears as one of the most influential and necessary people in all company.

The functions of labor lawyers: The importance of their presence in the company

To understand a little about this specialty, we must mention that labor law is a branch of the legal sciences, which appears or arises from an increasing need to provide solutions to business needs and the relationships between the employee and the employer.

People who specialize in the branch of labor law, are responsible for always defending the rights of workers, always with the intention of preventing a possible boss can make use of their position to violate some rights.

At the same time, the presence of the labor lawyer within the company allows everything to be done with the necessary legality to also guarantee the company compliance with the duties of the workers.

Some of the activities that a lawyer performs like these are some of the following:

  • The lawyer is responsible for the dismissals that are carried out with just cause without them, basically it is the one that has the control of when an unfair dismissal is made or not.
  • Low: the labor lawyer also fulfills functions with respect to casualties, mostly those that are made due to illness, accident or any other reason that is of a medical nature.
  • Frauds: in many cases workers often incur fraud when they have some type of disability that turns out not to be as serious as expected.
  • Holidays: the Labor lawyer can also take care of the right that all workers have to the holidays and the necessary documentation for it.
  • Renunciation: another aspect of which the Labor Abigale is responsible is about the various reasons why a person can give up their employment.
  • Problems of sexual harassment: harassment is usually one of the biggest complaints that workers present, although it is mostly women, it is also true that many men suffer from it as well.
  • Overtime: also the lawyer can be responsible for the extra hours that each employee or all of these to be effective.
  • Maternity leave: another of the most frequent cases in companies are maternity leave, so that leave and leave must be agreed before the mother leaves.

Labor Lawyer: The most chosen specialty

There are many reasons why lawyers are currently specializing in one of the branches of labor law, among the most important is that they always have companies, that is, new companies always arrive or are formed more, which means a great importance for the new labor lawyers.

The other reason is that there will always be legal problems and disagreements between employees and companies, so we can always choose a side to advice. The majority always choose to defend the rights of workers, since there is greater demand there.

However, there are also other compelling reasons why Labor lawyers choose this type of specialty, because labor reforms are constantly being made that can benefit one or the other group, not to mention that many of these reforms are regulations that require Companies to make internal changes that are not met, can incur a serious act.

Another reason why this specialization is so demanded is because a negotiation of the parties is necessary, perhaps because of the crisis that the country is going through, among other causes, it is so important to reach a conciliation.

Therefore it is increasingly important that in addition to the training that lawyers have, they must also gather a set of skills that make them ready for different situations that may arise. Within these skills we can mention some of the following:

  • Negotiation: it is considered that a Labor lawyer must be a person who knows about how to negotiate, that is, how to resolve a conflict without the party that defends being affected.
  • Mediate: another of the characteristics with which a good lawyer should work is to know how to mediate. Whenever there is the existence of interests on one side and the other, no party will want to be affected or will want to give, so it is very important to know how to mediate so that you all win.
  • Information: a good Labor lawyer should have as much information as possible, that is, always be very well informed about changes or reforms.