Main function a corporate lawyer

Every company, whether it is starting or that has many years of experience, needs at a certain moment a legal adviser. Since taking the legal aspects of an organization correctly determines to a large extent its prosperity and success.

Legal professionals who provide corporate and judicial advice in all life cycles of a company are known as corporate lawyers. These specialists allow employers to feel safe in the operations carried out, since they act on the basis of the counselor’s legal knowledge, whether in legal, ethical and employment issues. Now, what are its functions?

A corporate lawyer has the duty to review, draft and negotiate all business contracts of the company. In addition to processing some type of license that the company needs to operate.

This professional has the obligation to plan each of the steps that the company will take, in order to visualize the opportunities and risks that the company has when making a business.

 Another of its function is to manage legal staff, as well as:

  • Manage government contacts
  • Provide mediations for disputes with customers, employees or suppliers
  • Guarantee compliance with regulations and laws
  • Represent the company in legal matters of various kinds before a judicial court

If you still do not have one, we recommend that you go to a lawyer’s buffet and ask for one’s advice, or even better if you get a lawyer by recommendation or are part of the family. The important thing is that you make sure you choose someone who has the ability to work under pressure, without schedules, with excellent communication skills both written and oral and especially who has previous experience.

Having a corporate lawyer close to your SME gives you the advantage of having a person in your team that recognizes business problems, internal policies of the institution and visualizes the main sources of risks or inconveniences.