Know the characteristics to be a good lawyer

To really be a good lawyer only you do miss a thing: DESIRE , desire to be the best and learn every day a profession that will give you many sorrows and joys, and only everyone can know whether it will be worth the effort and sacrifice which is put in each of the clients.

Although the majority can say otherwise, after my experience, my firm opinion is that a motivated lawyer is a thousand times stronger in a Court than any other partner without desire or enthusiasm, but with a great capacity for oratory, sagacity and all those stories, because his own boredom will end up burning his resources and finally he will drown in a world in which the most decisive thing is constant struggle, perseverance, and reinventing himself day by day.

That is why this article, which at the beginning was going to be another one of the thousands of articles that list, in a boring way, one by one the “characteristics that denote if you will be a great lawyer” has become something different, something that never they tell you at the University, you will never be a good lawyer if you only meet those characteristics, you will only be great when you learn that your greatest strength is the desire to face new challenges day by day.

Therefore, and although it seems contradictory, here is my advice for those who have come here looking for a top ten features to be a good lawyer. Or save everything you’ve learned, forget everything you’ve been told, forget everything in life, but never forget the illusion or the desire to improve yourself day after day, that’s what will make you great; that is what will make you in the office the hours necessary to prepare your cases, but when the time comes you will go home to disconnect with your family and friends; it will make you put all your strength and passion in the allegations in the courts , and convince everyone who listens to you; will make that do not be afraid of failure, because a lost battle is only a lesson to win the next; In short, it will make the love for your profession make you “learn” all those supposed capabilities that all good lawyers need to succeed.